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STOP Wasting Your Precious Resources on “Random Acts of Marketing”…

Our proprietary process can help your firm stay top-of-mind with architects, developers, contractors (and more) – so you can start building new relationships and earning new businesses consistently


Do you run a structural engineering firm and are looking to grow?


Are you swamped with work right now but somehow still constantly worry about where your next projects are going to come from?


Are you spending most of your time “networking” and “attending events” but (for reasons unknown to you), are not getting the results that you had hoped for?


Is 50% or more of your revenue coming from just a handful of clients and if you lose them, some serious decisions will need to be made about your business?

“You Are Missing Out on A Huge Growth Opportunity”

Let’s face it, as an owner of an SE firm, you are too busy managing your company and are too busy working on projects… you simply don’t have the time to learn advanced, ROI-driven marketing strategies and stay up-to-date on the latest marketing tactics.

However, having the ability to generate new clients and projects is easily one of the most important contributing factors to your firm’s growth and success.

The fact is, in today’s world, if you are not fully utilizing digital marketing and client acquisition techniques, you are missing out on a huge growth opportunity.

Hi, my name is Andy and I am the founder of Structural Engineer HQ.

I Help SE firms attract more clients and land more projects with a systematic approach – not “random acts of marketing.”

And it is my mission to make this already-prestigious profession even more prominent and more profitable.

Here Are Some of The Benefits That You’ll Get from Working with Me

Stay Busy

You will be able to minimize your “downtimes”, and stay busy all year-round

Authority Recognition

You will be known as THE EXPERT and AUTHORITY in by your clients and potential clients

Bigger Projects

You will have higher chances to team up with more architects and win bigger projects on a regular basis

Let Me Help You Take Your Business To The Next Level

Are you interested to find out if our system can help drive more clients and projects to your structural engineering practice?

If so, I’d like to extend you the offer of scheduling a free, no-obligation, 45-minute strategy session with me.

In this strategy call we’ll diagnose your situation and goals; we will discuss how we can implement a custom-tailored system and execution to help you scale your business in this increasingly competitive market.

You’ll leave with valuable inputs and a vision for how to bring your firm to new heights.

Click on the “GET FREE STRATEGY SESSION” button below, fill out the form, and pick a time on my calendar that best suits your availability.