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Is Your Business Doing “OK”…

But Could Be Doing “A LOT Better”?

From The Desk of Andy Lin, PE, SE

Los Angeles, CA

July 2017


Dear “Overworked and Under-Appreciated” Structural Engineer,

Let me make some guesses about you and your company…

You have an excellent staff.

Your team has decades of experiences.

You are excellent at structural engineering.

You and your employees are experts in all of the latest design software and BIM technology.

You know the building codes inside and out and you do your absolute best to make sure buildings/structures are safe.


…you constantly worry about where your next project is going to come from and how you are going to make sure everyone stays busy.

Or, you may actually be super swamped at the moment and can barely keep up with the workload…

But you just couldn’t pull the trigger on hiring new people because you are not sure if the amount of work you are getting right now is sustainable.

As a matter of fact, most owners and principals know that they need to spend more time to market their firms and develop new clients so they can sell their services and get more work – but they either don’t have the time, or don’t know what to do exactly (it’s not like they teach you these stuffs in engineering schools).

Does that sound like you and your company?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

I Am Here To Help

Hi, I am Andy Lin and I am the founder of Structural Engineer HQ.

It is my mission is to elevate the status, authority, and financial well-being of structural engineers – and while I am at it, I plan to help this profession gain a broader recognition for its contributions to humanity and civilization.

You see, most owners like yourself do not have a strategy or process in place to help them get more clients and projects.

They usually rely on existing client-base and referrals to keep the balls rolling.

But there are risks involved when operating your business that way…

  • What if one day your best clients decide to close the doors? (Doesn’t happen often but could be a possibility due to health issues or retirement…etc.)
  • Or, what if they are content with their current company size and decide to limit their growth?

As you can see, you are essentially putting the success and growth of your firm in the palms of your current clients.

If they decide to fold their hands – you’ll be going with them…

And that is why, I’ve developed a framework to help firms just like yours to get more clients so that you can put control back into your own hands.

What Is The“Framework”?

Essentially, it’s a five-stage process consisting of 10 elements intended to help bringing awareness to your potential clients and help you build up trust with them so that they’ll decide to become a client with you.

The five stages are:

1. Generating traffic, eyeballs, and leads

2. Conducting follow-ups & qualifying leads

3. Converting leads into clients

4. Keeping the clients happy

5. Staying top of mind and generating referrals

Each stage and each element in this “framework” is designed to help you become the authority and the “go to” engineer in your market so that you won’t have to rely on “random acts of marketing” and you won’t have to “hope” that someday, your business will grow itself to where you want it to be.

Are You Ready For Breakthroughs?

If you’re ready for a massive breakthrough in your firm, I invite you to sign up for a strategy session by clicking the button below and let’s see if our process will work for your practice.